Is it safe to travel to Romania?


The safety of a country is extremely relevant when choosing a vacation destination. Considering the unfortunate events happening worldwide and especially the one at the border of Romania, we must be cautious in this delicate matter. But don’t worry, Romania is a safe country, a place where you will spend beautiful moments without any danger. This fact is based on solid arguments and evidence which you can find below.


An example that speaks for itself about safety in Romania is reflected in the Global Peace Index. It is an annual report conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace, ranking countries worldwide based on their level of peace and safety. According to the 2022 report, Romania ranks 31st globally, being safer than countries like Italy, Estonia or UK.

Another argument that highlights the high level of safety in the country is demonstrated by the SafeAround application, which evaluates the risks and safety rate of countries worldwide. 0% represents the highest level of danger, while 100% represents the highest safety. Romania has a safety rate of 80%.

Bine de știut

  • Be careful with your bag, don’t hold it out of sight – the risk of pickpocketing is not high, but it’s best to be vigilant.


  • Scams by taxi drivers are a fairly common problem (especially in Bucharest). To avoid them, make sure the taxi meter is running. If not, request it, and if it’s not done, don’t proceed with the ride and find another taxi. You can track the route on Google Maps to ensure the driver is taking the shortest path. Transportation is 100% safe; the only risk is potentially paying more than you should. Of course you have many other alternatives like Uber, Bolt, etc.


  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight in the car and park in designated areas.


  • If you rent a car, be aware that you might encounter some aggressive drivers on the road. However, if you drive cautiously and follow traffic rules, you won’t have anything to worry about.


  • Several cities in the country, including Bucharest, are located in seismic risk areas.


  • Floods and snowfall are some of the natural events that may sometimes hinder access to certain areas of the country.


  • Be cautious in clubs or bars to ensure that nothing is added to your drink. This doesn’t happen frequently, but it’s better to prevent such incidents.


  • Pay attention to currency exchange – only exchange money at official exchange offices and double-check the amount received before leaving. 

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