Târgu Mureș

A beautiful city in the heart of Transylvania

Târgu Mureș is a small town in the heart of Transylvania whose atmosphere is calm, welcoming and conducive to relaxation. Here you will not find agitation, but a unique place, where you can recharge your batteries in peace. The city has impressive cultural and historical buildings, monuments and statues.

Palatul de Cultura - Targu Mures
History &


The first documentary attestation of the place was made in 1332. The geographical location of the city was favourable for its development. In the 16th century, Târgu Mureș was a real commercial and craft production center. The period of the Habsburg occupation (late seventeenth century) saw, among other things, the construction of many places of worship in the Baroque style, noble houses, the barracks in the Citadel and beyond.

Subsequently, the period of implementation of the capitalist economy followed, bringing the city’s modernisation and the establishment of the food, construction and wood processing industry. The interwar period was one of revolutionary and democratic activity. The city has gone through many trials over time, but, in the end, it managed to become a Romanian cultural and economic centre worth mentioning.


Târgu Mureș is located in the central-northern part of the country, being the municipality of Mureș County. The city in the centre of Transylvania is situated on both sides of the Mureș River. The municipality is located at the confluence of the Transylvanian Plain, the Mureș Valley and the Niraj Valley. Its neighbouring regions are: to the north – Bistrița Năsăud, to the east – Harghita, to the south – Sibiu and Brașov, and to the west – Alba and Cluj.


Did you know...?


  • The “Bolyai” educational institution in Târgu Mureș is the first private school in Romania.


  • The first printing house was established in Târgu Mureș in 1786.


  • Târgu Mureș was declared a “Martyr City” because of the heroism proved in the fight for the victory of the 1989 Revolution.


  • It is the second Romanian city (after Oradea) with the most Art Nouveau buildings.


  • The Teleki Library is the first Romanian public library. It stores books and documents that are unique in the world, including a copy of the US Declaration of Independence.


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Tourist attractions in Târgu Mureș

The Palace of Culture

The Palace of Culture – is an architectural gem crafted in the Belle Époque architectural style.

Built in the first half of the 20th century, this imposing edifice serves as a vital cultural center in the heart of the city. With its richly decorated facades and beautifully landscaped gardens, the Palace of Culture exudes elegance and history, hosting a variety of cultural events (including the State Philharmonic, the Art Museum, Art Galleries), exhibitions, and performances that enrich the life of the local community and attract visitors from across the region.

Palatul Culturii din Targu Mures

The Medieval Fortress

The medieval fortress – dates back to the 17th century and houses two spectacular buildings: the Reformed Church and the Manutanței Building.

With its stone walls and watchtowers, the fortress keeps alive the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the tumultuous story of its historical past. Today, it is a tourist attraction, offering a fascinating panorama of the city and hosting various cultural events and exhibitions that highlight its rich cultural and historical heritage.

Cetate Medievala Targu Mures

The Zoo

The zoo – is the largest in Romania and is home to over 500 animals, representing 80 different species.

Visitors can discover a captivating variety of animal species from around the world. Located in a natural setting full of greenery and picturesque pathways, the zoo offers an educational and relaxing experience for the whole family. With well-designed habitats and biodiversity conservation programs, this attractive destination is a wonderful place to learn and interact with the fascinating world of wildlife.

Gradina Zoologica Targu Mures
Internal and external links

Transport to/from Târgu Mureș



Târgu Mureș has one airport, “Transilvania International Airport“. The airlines that fly to this airport are Tarom and WizzAir and have the following destinations: Budapest, Bucharest, Dortmund, London, Rome and Memmingen.


If you want to travel by train, Gara Mare provides transport to Bucharest and most cities in the country through the Intercity lines.


If you prefer a faster option, you can choose to travel by bus/minibus. Here you will find all the necessary information on this plan: bus stations and stops, departure and arrival times, destinations.


If you want to get here by car from Bucharest, the route is:

  • Bucharest – Ploiești – Brașov – Sighișoara – Târgu Mureș (356 km, about 5 hours drive).

Other routes for accesing Târgu Mureș are:

  • DN1 – A3 (Cluj Napoca – Turda – Târgu Mureș)
  • DN15 (Piatra Neamț – Târgu Mureș – Turda);
  • DN15A (Reghin – Bistrița);
  • DN14 (Sighișoara – Mediaș – Sibiu);


Festivals and other attractions in Târgu Mureș

If you like music festivals, in Targu Mures you will find one to your taste, regardless of the style of music you prefer. Here you have a list with some of them, but you should know that every weekend there are events for all tastes.

  • Awake: a boutique festival, where, during the 4 days (sometime in August) you can enjoy concerts, workshops, plays and attend events where international speakers are invited. It is organised in a fairytale place, on the plateau of Teleki Castle in Gornești.


  • Festival of Light – this is a festival organised in the city centre, in May. Broadly speaking, the idea of the festival is to carry out an international movement to encourage non-formal education. Volunteer scouts organise workshops and activities for the general public in a setting decorated by an enchanting multitude of bright light installations and lighted candles.


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