The best period to visit Romania

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Regardless of the time of year when you choose to pay a visit, Romania is a lavish tourist destination for everyone. However, there are certain periods that we highly recommend you, in order to have a successful stay according to your plans and desires.

In order to get acquainted with what this place has to offer, you need to know, among other things, what kind of weather conditions await you. Well, Romania is located in the southeastern part of Central Europe and has a temperate-continental transition climate. This translates into: distinct seasons, local climatic differences due to variations in altitudes and latitudes. Thus, the four seasons bring changes in terms of precipitation and temperatures. Winters are cold and reach temperatures of up to -20 degrees Celsius, spring makes the transition, thaws the atmosphere and is characterized by mild temperatures, summers are warm and autumn covers the entire territory in colorful clothes and may bring the first frosts.


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In principle, the favorable seasons for a getaway in Romania are primary Spring (more precisely, April-May), respectively autumn (September-October).

Spring in Romania

You would love the first interval as it is ideal due to the mild temperatures, the way in which nature “revives”, turning valleys and plains into green and flowery. Spring brings the color back, the little creatures return to their role, and the people who follow a healthy lifestyle start to tidy up their garden.

If you are passionate about everything that means authentic, you can go to the Romanian villages to find out what this process entails.

But the “awakening to life” of nature is marked by another essential factor: the return of birds into the Danube Delta. If you want to admire the over 300 species whose shelter is in the Delta, spring is the ideal time. You will not have to bother about mosquitoes, it will not be too hot, and the magnificently painted landscape of “freshly awakened” nature is enchanting. You can also venture into various cycling expeditions. During this time, visitors are usually not present in an annoying or suffocating number, so you will be able to really enjoy your moments in the places you are visiting.

Spring brings another occasion of delight and joy: the Easter holiday. The diligently prepared gastronomic delicacies differ from one region to another, but they have a few aspects in common: the taste, the aroma and the love with which they are cooked. Lamb meat prepared with various spices, traditional sponge cakes, lamb haggis, red eggs – are some of the essential elements on Romanian dishes. In the Maramureș and Bucovina regions, egg painting and decorating is a majestic art that is practiced from ancestors and is passed down from generation to generation.

Summer in Romania

If you are planning a getaway in the summer, the options for spending time are varied and in accordance with everyone’s preferences. You can visit the mountain villages in Maramureș, Transylvania, Bucovina. As an old saying goes: “Romania starts where the asphalt ends“. In these places you will see another face of Romania – authentic, traditional that reveals many cultural riches. These regions abound in internationally recognized tourist attractions. For example, in Maramureș you can visit the famous wooden churches, Transylvania is home to many villages and towns with fortified fortresses and castles, and Bucovina has many painted places of worship (churches).

If you want to enjoy a few days at the beach, you can go on the Romanian coast. Among the most visited resorts are: Costinesti, Mamaia, Mangalia, Vama Veche, Neptun.

A trip along the famous Transfagarasan road is also a captivating idea for most tourists who visit our country. It is listed as one of the most spectacular roads in the world. If you start from Bucharest, your itinerary may look like this: Bucharest – Pitești-Curtea de Argeș – Transfăgărășan (Poenari Fortress, Vidraru Lake, Bâlea Lac, Bâlea waterfall). Thus, you will have the opportunity to check some of the most beautiful tourist attractions of our country.

Peisaj de toamnă în Bucovina, România.

Autumn in Romania

The beginning of autumn is enchanting, rich in copper colors and, last but not least, in the harvest.

During this period, you can enjoy a lot of natural delicacies: apples, pears, plums, grapes. Autumn has a special taste, often identified with concentrated grapes juice or green walnuts. In this period, Romanians are preparing their “supplies” for the winter. One of the most delicious dishes made during this period is zacusca – vegetable dish that has as a basic component eggplants, beans or mushrooms, to which are added bell peppers, onions, carrots. Plum jam with walnuts, quince or pear jam are other examples of delicacies that you will find in Romanian households.

It is the perfect time to explore and admire the beauties of nature. After all, autumn is a transitional season, which is why September keeps the summer heat, and October becomes more temperate, perfectly good for activities such as: mountain biking, hiking, guided tours in nature and more

Our recommendations for a Romanian mini-vacation at the beginning of autumn sound like this: 3 days to explore Transylvania, with its medieval villages and towns; another unique idea would be to visit Maramureș and Bucovina which are rich in traditions and objectives that are part of the UNESCO heritage.

The picturesque landscapes, the colorful autumn and the fresh air will recharge your batteries and give you the perfect setting to enjoy a few days of peace and gratitude for all that nature has to offer.

Winter in Romania

Winter vacation can be another opportune period to visit Romania. This season’s specific landscapes, related activities and magnificent fairs are some of the reasons why it’s worth spending a few days in this corner of the world.

The wild paradise that you can admire in the heart of the Carpathians is as marvelous as the more expensive and crowded destinations such as Austria. You can opt for a complete stay in the Ciucaș, Rarău, Ceahlău or Apuseni mountains.

Some of the closest ski slopes to Bucharest are those on the Prahova Valley: in Sinaia, Predeal, Busteni. Other variants are: Poiana Brașov, Arieșeni (in Alba county), Borșa and Cavnic (Maramureș County), Straja and Parâng (Hunedoara), Vatra Dornei (Suceava), Durău (Neamț), Toplița (Harghita). There are plenty of options, you just have to equip yourself properly and come with a lot of enthusiasm.

Another daring option to live a unique episode in winter is to spend the night in the ice hotel in the Făgăraș mountains. It is located at over 2000 m altitude, close to Lake Bâlea. Book a room in advance in this unique place, to spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

You can opt for a pampering stay in Oradea, at one of the wellness centres. For example, at Apollo you can enjoy the thermal water from the outdoor pools. The possibility to relax in such a setting, in the middle of winter, is the reason why many tourists choose this destination to spend New Year’s Eve. The spa is open all year round.

In Romania you will be greeted by the catchy enthusiasm that floats in the air at the Christmas fairs in the following locations: Sibiu, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea. Color, light, Christmas decorations, inviting aromas of mulled wine and fresh sponge cake – you will find them all in these embellished fairs prepared from the beginning of the year.

At the same time, during this season you can discover the most beautiful traditions that Romanians have preserved since ancient times. 

Music festivals in Romania


If you are passionate about festivals, come to Romania! Regardless of the musical style you prefer, here you will surely find what fits your preferences.

  • Neversea is a 3-day festival organized at the seaside, in Constanța, at the beginning of July and gathers the most famous names on the electronic music stage.


  • Electric Castle is a 5-day festival that takes place in the commune of Bonțida in Cluj County, in a fairytale setting, inside Banffy Castle and combines musical genres such as: reggae, hip-hop, electronics, techno, rock, trap. The period in which ,,Electric Castle’’ takes place is oscillating, but it is usually in the middle of July. You’ll love it! Seriously.


  • Untold is another electronic music festival that has already become a symbol for Romania. The festival takes place at the beginning of August and participants can enjoy 4 days full of fun.

What do you say, feeling tempted? Come and enjoy music, landscapes and fascinating places in a country that combines tradition and the new in a harmonious and not at all boring way.